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Mechanical Engineering Lab

Laboratory and Practical

1Lathe Machine151515Machine Shop Room3 လုံးပျက်
2Knuraling Tool111Machine Shop Room
3Welding Machine121212Welding Shop Room2 လုံးပျက်
4Hacksaws999Welding Shop Room
5Shaper111Welding Shop Room
6Vice ခုံ999Welding Shop Room2 လုံးပျက်
7Stability of floading Body111Thermo Room
8Flow Meter Testing Machine221Thermo Room1 လုံးပျက်
9Solar Demonstrator111Thermo Room
10Torsion Test111Textile Room1 လုံးပျက်
11Belt Friction Test Trainer222Sterngth Room
12Oxygen Cylinder333Sterngth Room
13Acetylene Cylinder333Sterngth Room
14Unsymmetrical Cantilever
Beam Test
111Sterngth Room1 လုံးပျက်
15Air Compressor444Sterngth Room
16Cutter (Grind Wheel)111Sterngth Room
17CNC Milling444CNC Room1 လုံးပျက်
18Chassis Trainer111Engine Room
19Diesel Engines141414Engine Room7 လုံးပျက်
20Engine Stand111Engine Room
213Ton Hydraulics Engine Crane111Engine Room
22Gear Box (Diesel)111Engine Room
23Gear Box (Petro Engine)111Engine Room
24Petro Engine 5.5.HP111Engine Room
2530Ton Hydraulics Press111Engine Room
26Ignination System Simulator222Engine Room
27Auto Transmission Structure222Engine Room
28Transparent Engine111Engine Room
29Small Engine Test Bed222Engine Room2 လုံးပျက်
30Battery444Engine Room
311/2 Electric Drill Bit111Store Room
32Electric Shear Machine111Store Room
3312″Circular Saw111Store Room
347(1/4)Circular Saw111Store Room
35Hummer Drill111Store Room
36Grinding Machine(Bench)444Store Room
37Drilling Machine333Store Room
38MIG(200P)111Store Room
39MMA Welder111Store Roomပစ္စည်းမစုံ
40500A – Arc Welder111Store Room
41Hilton Air – Con Lab Unit111Air – Con Room
42Modern Refrigeration Air – Conditioning System111Air – Con Room
43Vaccum Pump222Air – Con Room
44Refrigerant Tank555Air – Con Room
45Computer(Samsung)333Department Room
46Computer(View Sonic)111Department Room
47UPS444Department Room3 လုံးပျက်
48Printer Canon L11121E111Department Room
49NGWESATKYERTRUCK(NSK 01)111Department Room1စီးပျက်
50TOYOTA COROLLA111Department Room1စီးပျက်
51NISSAN111Department Room1စီးပျက်
52Tensile Testing Machine222Room (9/1-2)
53ImpactTesting Machine222Room (9/1-2)
54Gear Trainer222Room (9/1-2)
55Beam Deflection 111Room (9/1-2)
56Governor Testing Machine222Room (9/1-2)1 လုံးပျက်
57Fatique Test111Room (9/1-2)
58Thread Efficiency Teat222Room (9/1-2)
59Computer Set444Room (9/1-6)
60Computer Set151515Room (1/2-2)
61Computer Table252525Room (1/2-2)
62UPS202020Room (1/2-2)
63Computer Controlled Fatigue Testing111Room (9/1-2)
64Universal Material Testing Unit111Room (9/1-2)
65Creep Testing Unit111Room (9/1-2)
66Charpy and Izod Impact Testing Unit111Room (9/1-2)
67Brinell Hardness Testing Unit111Room (9/1-2)
68Brinell Vickers &Rockwell Hardness111Room (9/1-2)
69UNsymmetrical Cantilever Unit111Room (9/1-2)
70Loading of Struts Unit111Room (9/1-2)
71Twist and Bend Machine111Room (9/1-2)
72Beam Deflection Unit111Room (9/1-2)
73Torsion Unit111Room (9/1-2)
74Strut Buckling Unit111Room (9/1-2)
75Suspension Beam Unit111Room (9/1-2)
76Parabolic Arch Unit111Room (9/1-2)
77Three – Hinged Arch Unit111Room (9/1-2)
78Unit for Studing force in a simple Bar Structure111Room (9/1-2)
79Unit for studying force in different single plane Trusses111Room (9/1-2)
80Unit for studying force in a Ovedeterminate Trusses111Room (9/1-2)
81Unit for studying  Deformation of Trusses111Room (9/1-2)
82Two Pinned Arch Unit111Room (9/1-2)
83Portal Frame Unit111Room (9/1-2)
84Deflection of cured Bars Unit111Room (9/1-2)
85Shear force and Bending Momentum111Room (9/1-2)
86Free Vibration Unit111Room (9/1-2)
87Free & Forced Vibration Unit111Room (9/1-2)
88Computer Controlled Torsional Vibration Unit111Room (9/1-2)
89Unit for Studying Free Vibration of a Bar111Room (9/1-2)
90Unit for Studying Hook̕s Law111Room (9/1-2)
91Torsional Oscillations Unit111Room (9/1-2)
92Acceleration of Geared System Unit111Room (9/1-2)
93Simple Balancing Unit111Room (9/1-2)
94Thin Cylinder Unit111Room (9/1-2)
95Stain Gauge Training Unit111Room (9/1-2)
96Unit for determining the Gauge factor of Strain Gauge111Room (9/1-2)
97Simple Stability Problems Study Unit111Room (9/1-2)
Lab equipment for Fluid Mechanics 
98Hydraulics Bench 111Room (9/1-7)
99Basic Hydraulic Feed System 111Room (9/1-7)
100Modules: General Concepts 111Room (9/1-7)
101Impact of a Jet 111Room (9/1-7)
102Flow over Weirs 111Room (9/1-7)
103Orifice Discharge 111Room (9/1-7)
104Free and Forced Vortex 111Room (9/1-7)
105Hydrostatic Pressure 111Room (9/1-7)
106Dead Weight Calibrator 111Room (9/1-7)
107Metacentric Height 111Room (9/1-7)
108Depression Measurement System (vacuum gauc 111Room (9/1-7)
109Pitot Static Tube Module 111Room (9/1-7)
110Fluid Statics and Manometry 111Room (9/1-7)
111Fluid Properties 111Room (9/1-7)
112Bernoulli’s Theorem Demonstration111Room (9/1-7)
113Venturi, Bernoulli and Cavitation Unit111Room (9/1-7)
114Osborne – Reynolds’ Demostration111Room (9/1-7)
115Horizontal Osborne-Reynolds Demonstration111Room (9/1-7)
116Unit for the Study of Porous Beds in Venturi Tut111Room (9/1-7)
117Pascal’s Module111Room (9/1-7)
118Flow Visualization in Channels111Room (9/1-7)
119Laminar Flow Demonstration111Room (9/1-7)
120Vortex Flow Meter Water Hammer111Room (9/1-7)
121Cavitation Phenomenon Demonstration111Room (9/1-7)
122Flow channel, 1 m lenght (without accessories)111Room (9/1-7)
123Pitot Tube111Room (9/1-7)
124Vertical flat gate 111Room (9/1-7)
125Syphon spillway 111Room (9/1-7)
126Self-regulating syphon 111Room (9/1-7)
127Scale to measure the water level (limnimeter)
Adjustable undershot weir Sharp crested discharge weirs
111Room (9/1-7)
128Broad-crested weirs111Room (9/1-7)
129Ogee-crested weir111Room (9/1-7)
130Flow Meter Demonstration111Room (9/1-7)
131Orifice and Free Jet Flow111Room (9/1-7)
132Energy Losses in Bends111Room (9/1-7)
133Energy Losses in Pipes111Room (9/1-7)
134Basic Pipe Network Unit111Room (9/1-7)
135Fluid Friction in Pipes Unit (only pannel)111Room (9/1-7)
136Hydraulic Machines: 
137Series/Parallel Pumps111Room (9/1-7)
138Centrifugal Pump Characteristics111Room (9/1-7)
139Axial Flow Turbine111Room (9/1-7)
140Pelton Turbine111Room (9/1-7)
141Francis Turbine111Room (9/1-7)
142Kaplan Turbine111Room (9/1-7)
143Radial Flow Turbine111Room (9/1-7)
145Classroom Management Software Package111Room (9/1-7)
146Software Packages (Student/ Module Software):
General G
111Room (9/1-7)
147Student/ Module Software Packages: General
111Room (9/1-7)