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Civil Engineering Department

Civil Engineering Department

Civil Engineering is the key to many of the issues affecting our lives today. Civil Engineers solve problems, design, build and maintain our living and working spaces. Civil Engineering programme has started undergraduate courses since 1999. Course offered include basic theory of structures, geotechnical engineering, transportation and environmental engineering, water resources engineering, engineering drawing & measurement, structural analysis, design in concrete, timber and steel structures and construction engineering and management. Interactive classroom lectures are augmented by hands- on laboratory session and design and research experience. During the course of study, the students will have an academic advisor from whom the students can seek help in identifying opportunities to enhance their educational experience.

History of Department

The Department of Civil Engineering offers a range of programs leading toward Bachelor of Engineering (B.E) degrees and degrees of Master of Engineering. At present, the department has 17 full-time members. Total enrollments include 468 undergraduate students and 4 postgraduate students. Undergraduate students are also doing the regular basic jobs and the special projects at the ends of each academic year. And then, the final year students are also doing the   B.E graduation thesis and going to industrial attachments.

Teaching and Research Facilities

To ensure that our undergraduate programs are qualified, the following facilities that have been assembled:

  1. Library
  2. Water Resources Engineering Laboratory
  3. Environmental Engineering Laboratory
  4. Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory
  5. Surveying Laboratory
  6. Building Material & Construction Laboratory
  7. Carpentry, Masonry and Steel fixing Shop