“To learn, to teach and to apply for the benefit of mankind”

Mathematics Department

Department of Engineering Mathematics


Department of Engineering Mathematics was established in 1998, and is offering Engineering Mathematics subjects from the first year to fourth year students. It has been offering Engineering Mathematics for Master of Engineering students since 2016. The department is given students the knowledge, methods and theories to apply the Engineering subjects.

Quality Objective

To attain at least 70 % in Student’s Satisfaction on teaching of teacher’s from Department of Engineering Mathematics in 2018-2019 Academic year.

Dr. Khin Saw Myint

Professor and Head

Contact: +9509454451292

Email: kssmyint@gmail.com


           Ph D (Eng: Maths ) in Yangon Technological University , Yangon ,Myanmar,

           July, 2003.

           M.Sc ( Maths )  in Yangon  University  , Yangon , Myanmar, 1998.

           B.Sc (Hons:) Maths in Yangon University, Yangon, Myanmar, April, 1994.

Professional Experience

          Professor, Pyay Technological University, Pyay, Myanmar, since May 2017.

          Associate Professor, Technological University (Hmawbi), Yangon, Myanmar,since February 2015.

Assistant Director, Ministry Office, Ministry of Science and Technology, Naypyidaw, Myanmar, since January 2007.

         Registrar ,Lecturer, Government Computer College (Pakauk ku), Pakaukku, Myanmar,since July 2003.

         Research Officer, Difference Service Academy, PyinOoLwin, Myanmar, since February 2003.              

         Research Officer, Pyay Technological University, Pyay, Myanmar, since Oct, 1999.

Organization Chart of Engineering Mathematics Department